Successful organizations must attract top talent, but finding the best candidate for a management team is not easy. Short-term costs of an effective executive search are small compared to the long-term consequences a new hire can have for an organization.

CapitolWorks minimizes risk for our clients by using a rigorous selection process to ensure great hires.

Stage One: Assess

Before entering the market, CapitolWorks consultants develop a thorough understanding of how a position fits into your organization's goals, culture, and leadership structure. Partnering closely with you, we develop a specification of the skills, competencies, work style, background, and approximate compensation of the ideal candidate.

Stage Two: Research & Network

In addition to leveraging our personal and professional relationships, CapitolWorks employs a rigorous research process to find top candidates. We identify candidates via multiple channels and begin with a target list of up to 40 organizations. Our fully integrated system of databases, research tools, and other resources optimizes the search process for a comprehensive survey of the market at the time of your search.

Stage Three: Develop Candidates

Best practices make the difference between the right hire and a bad hire. CapitolWorks employs interview strategies focused on professional experience, cultural fit, and the human touch necessary for effective leadership at any level. We develop sophisticated assessments and review them with clients to determine the leading candidates. We conduct 360-degree reference checks on the best candidates and perform detailed due diligence. While these qualitative evaluation techniques are crafted to be highly effective, quantitative evaluation tools also may be arranged at the request of our clients.

Stage Four: Negotiate & Hire

Negotiating compensation is the most challenging part of the recruiting process. Both clients and candidates have a lot at stake, and negotiating a win-win outcome is key to a lasting relationship. Our goal is to guide both parties through sensitive compensation issues while keeping the process smooth, candid, and positive. We aim to maximize the contributions of your new hire by helping integrate and empower the new executive.

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