About Us

We don’t make great leaders.
We help you find and hire them.

Our Process

Targeted searches.

Targeted solutions.

We apply our experience to your organization’s short-term and long-term goals and deliver candidates who not only fit your core requirements but also align with your company culture, existing executive team, and overarching strategy. We start this process by asking the right questions.

Coordinated connections.

Our executive recruitment efforts are specialized for a reason. By narrowing our focus to public affairs, government relations/lobbying and communications, we maintain constant contact with key players in the industry and are among the first to know of the latest federal and state political developments. Our third-party advantage allows us to discreetly navigate negotiations while minimizing client conflicts and preserving working relationships with our contacts.

Commitment to the process.

We draw from both passive and active networks around the District, the country, and the globe and strive to present highly qualified candidates to clients within weeks of engagement. Our thorough due diligence and background checks verify a candidate’s business relationships and discover conflicts or non-compete agreements before they become an issue. Once a candidate is selected, we guide them through the interviewing and hiring process, from their first introduction to their first day in the office.

Our Team

Led by Chris Jones, our team blends a deep knowledge of Washington, D.C. with sophisticated research, political savvy, and powerful recruiting techniques. With over 20 years experience in candidate assessment, industry knowledge, and executive placement, we help top-tier organizations and candidates from all over the world connect for mutual benefit.
Narrowed focus. Global results.

Our Founder

Robert Christian Jones

Robert Christian Jones is the founder and managing partner of CapitolWorks, a public affairs executive search firm in Washington, D.C. that provides senior-level recruiting services for top lobbying and law firms, Fortune 15 companies, and trade associations. He leads executive searches, business development, and operations for the firm.

Known to his friends as Chris, he first set foot on Capitol Hill in 1991 when he worked as an intern for the House Judiciary Committee under Congressman Jack Brooks (D-TX) and later as a Staff Assistant for Congressman and Majority Whip David Bonior (D-MI). In 1994, he worked on the Ann Richards for Governor campaign in Austin, Texas.

While in between political and government employment, he temped for various agencies in Austin and Washington, D.C., and he knows firsthand the challenges, frustrations, and rewards of finding and creating effective teams and hires. As a result, he created PoliTemps, his first foray into recruitment and employment services.

Chris also knows what it means to serve, having been a member of U.S. Navy from 1984 to 1988 as a Yeoman and then as an Intelligence Specialist-Analyst. He was stationed at U.S. Naval Station Roosevelt Roads in Puerto Rico and also on the USS Blue Ridge, where he was detached to the Seventh Fleet Intelligence Department (N2).

Chris Jones has been featured in numerous newspapers, on radio and TV, and in political resource publications as a reliable source for news and information regarding politics, talent, campaigns, and jobs. While he enjoys the energy and charisma of Washington, D.C., he still calls Austin home.